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​Business Service Solutions LLC

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The job market had been extremely competitive especially in Michigan since the restructuring of the big three. Not to mention many industries have moved their headquarters to Texas. For those individuals that are seeking a stable work environment in the State of Michigan have to ensure that they stay competitive. Part of being competitive is having a comprehensive résumé and cover letter. Comprehensiveness is a huge reason why Business Service Solutions exist. After your résumé has been selected the next appropriate step would be an interview. Interview preparations are another service that Business Service Solutions offer.


How Business Service Solutions Can Help!

Are you seeking new employment? If so, are you getting interviews, calls back, but not the position? Let us help you! We specialize in Cover letter and résumé writing as well as all forms of interview preparations.


If you want to buy, sell, or lease a home or a commercial building;Business Service Solutions can help with that as well. Just select REAL ESTATE from the menu and our Michigan Licensed Real Estate agent will contact you. Please select the Product list from the drop down menu to view all of our services.  If you don't see the service or document offered that you desire please contact us by clicking the SEND ICON and submit an email inquiry. 

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